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A Journal of Haibun & Tanka Prose

About Contemporary Haibun Online


Contemporary Haibun Online is a tri-year journal published in April, August and December. It was founded in 2000 by Jim Kacian, and was called American Haibun and Haiga. In 2004, Jim and Ray Rasmussen teamed up to create Contemporary Haibun Online, a website originally carrying haibun exclusively and more recently tanka prose. Jim recruited Ken Jones and Bruce Ross as co-editors, all serving from 2005 through 2013. In 2014-5 Bob Lucky took over as General Manager and co-edited the journal with Lynne Rees. Bob served as sole editor from 2015-19.

Current Editorial Staff: (click on the names to see biographical information on each editor)

Rich Youmans steps into Bob's shoes as Editor-in-Chief and as Haibun Co-editor.

Terri French serves as Haibun Co-editor.

Tish Davis serves as Tanka Prose Editor.

Particial Prime serves as Articles Editor which includes Articles, Reviews, Interviews, and Commentaries.

Ray Rasmussen will continue to serve as Technical Editor.

Website Design:

The original CHO website was designed by Ray Rasmussen. The current banner and designs are by Tony Crosse whose website is http://www.tonycrosse.com and Ray Rasmussen.

CHO Goals:

  1. to publish high-quality writing and artwork by practitioners of modern English-language haibun, tanka prose and haiga.
  2. to encourage a variety of writing styles and contents keeping in mind that Haibun in English is still an evolving genre
  3. to encourage new writers and artists by providing assistance and suggestions and a venue that isn't as demanding of new writers to the genre
  4. to encourage the practice of the three genres by providing a respected publication venue with well-known practitioners as editors
  5. to provide reference materials, examples, and lessons in haibun and haiku composition
  6. to create an archive of articles and interviews of practitioners on the subject of haibun
  7. to be responsive to the needs of writers to hear back in timely fashon when they submit their work

Submission Guidelines:

Our Haibun Submission Periods and Guidelines

What to Do about Problems:

Submissions and requests for information about the status of a submission or its content should be addressed to Rich Youmans

Technical or typographical problems should be reported to Ray Rasmussen.

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