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April 1, 2012 vol 8 no 1

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Charles D. Tarlton


CARMODY: What did you say?
BLIGHT: Nothing.
CARMODY: Nothing?
BLIGHT: That's what I said!

The law of the excluded middle makes it logically impossible for a thing to both be and not be, exist and not exist. You know, like you can't go outside and stay in here at the same time or, try this, everything in the world is yellow except the things that aren't.

"beauty is free"
and she drew a long line
with a crayon
dividing the world in two
side by side, yellow and red

how do you bring
what is not here, in here
to wake them up
because though you can't find it
doesn't mean it is not there

being one or the other
they come and go
leading us up to the edge
none of them looking in