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These links lead to the full article archives of all Haibun, Tanka Prose and Articles appearing in Contemporary Haibun Online and American Haibun and Haiga (a print journal) that appeared between 2000 and 2019. New articles will appear on our new Wordpress site.

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CHO Articles 2000-2019, issues 1 - 15

Random Praise Series: Our editors comment on a single haibun or theme

Ken Jones' "The Ice Axe"
Bill Gottlieb's "Win-Loss"
Chris Bays' "Heartwood"
Patricia Prime's "A World Beyond the Sky"
Autumn Noelle Hall's "Chestnuts Roasting"
David J. Kelly's "Once upon a time"
Judson Evans' "Fava Bean Soup"
Harriot West's "A Cautionary Tale"
Peter Newton's "The Ascension"
Melissa Allen's "What I Read, What I Didn't"
Tim Gardiner's "Skeleton Wood"

Kathryn J. Stevens' "Things to Leave Out of the Obituary"
Claire Everett's "Grace"Bob Lucky, A Challenge to Our Readers
The Writing of Lew Watts and J. Zimmerman
Jonathan McKeown's "Neighborhood"
Bob Lucky, To All Haibun Readers
Glenn G. Coats' "A Nest Under the Eaves"
Terri French's "Sh@#!"
Peggy Turnbull's "Chihuahua Desert"
Jonathan Humphrey's "Calligraphy"

Featured Writers Series: Comments by Writers on their own work and haibun composition

Roberta Beary
Margaret Dornaus
Jim Kacian
Harriot West
David Cobb
Peter Newton
Jeff Streeby
Doris Lynch
Peter Butler
Matthew Caretti
Glenn A Coats
Lynne Rees
Sonam Chhoki
Rich Youmans
Terri French
Melissa Allen
Jeffrey Woodward
Paresh Tiwari
Diana Webb
Michael Rehling
Joan Zimmerman
Kala Ramesh

Commentaries on Haibun and Haiku by Our Editors:

• Bob Lucky, Commentary on My Haibun "Running with the Yaks"
• Bob Lucky, Titles in Haibun
• Bob Lucky, The Haibun as Essay: A Commentary on Steven Carter’s “In the Crowd”
• Ken Jones on Joshua Gage's Tragedy
• Ken Jones on High Poetry & Traditional Mainstream Haibun: The work of Claire Everetts and Rich Yeomans
• Ken Jones on Lynn Edge's Trucker
• Ken Jones on Jeff Streeby‘s Voyageur
• Ken Jones on Claire Everett’s Under the Sun
• Ken Jones on Theresa Williams' Once and For All & In Repair
• Jim Kacian on Peter Newton's Comments on haibun in general and on Peter Newton's Three Haibun
• Jim Kacian on What Makes Us Fly
• Jim Kacian on A Collaborative Haibun by Elaine Riddell & Cynthia Rowe
• Jim Kacian on Guy Shaked's Fortieth Birthday
• Ray Rasmussen on Stylistic Inventiveness in Contemporary Haibun: Carol Pearce-Worthington& Patricia Rogers
• Ray Rasmussen on Ekphrasis & Steven Carter’s “Velasquez’ Maids of Honor
• Ray Rasmussen on Jeffrey Woodward’s “Time with the Heron” & Poetic Techniques in Haibun Composition.
• Ray Rasmussen on “Witness, ”a Haibun by Glenn G. Coats
• Ray Rasmussen on Ed Higgins' Escaped Poems
• Ray Rasmussen on Susan Nelson Myers' A Pot of Beans
• Ray Rasmussen on Larry Kimmel's "Evening Walk": Moving Beyond Standard Haibun
• Ray Rasmussen: Bashō’s “Hiraizumi”: A passage from The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Ono no Hosomichi)
• Ray Rasmussen, Commentary on My Haibun "Unsaddled"
• Bruce Ross on Christopher Patchel's First Love
• Bruce Ross on Mark Smith's "Linger" & Ryan Jessup's "A Light"
• Bruce Ross on Steven Carter's Sawtooth Range
• Bruce Ross on Theresa Williams' Memorial Day
• Bruce Ross on Steve Andrews’ Expressing the Mysteries of Love and Death

Book Reviews:
Amanda Bell's Undercurrents, A Review by Bob Lucky
M. Kei's Stacking Stones: An Anthology of Short Tanka Sequences (from Atlas Poetica), A Review by Charles D. Tarlton
Charles D. Tarleton's "Touching Fire: New and Selected Ekphrastic Prosimetra (from Haibun Today)., A Review by Tish Davis
Kala Ramesh's Beyond the Horizon Beyond, A Review by Bob Lucky
Harriot West's Shades of Absence, A Review by Ray Rasmussen
Rich Youmans' Head-On: Haibun Stories, A Review by Bob Lucky
Sonam Chhoki & Mike Montreuil,Mapping Absences , A Review by Bob Lucky
Bob Lucky's "My Thology: Not Always True, but Always Truth, A Commentary by Ray Rasmusssen
Stanley Pelter's About Time, A Review by John Daniel
David Cobb's Marching with Tulips & What Happens in Haibun, A Review by Naomi Beth Wakan
Stanley Pelter's, Modernist Haibun: Haibun Notebook, A Review by by John Daniel
Marjorie Buettner's Some Measure of Existence, A Review by Marian Olson
• Bob Lucky's My Thology: Not Always True but Always Truth, A Tribute and Commentary by Ray Rasmussen


Haibun Definitions from a Variety of Writers
• John Dumphy, Haibun: Union of Prose and Poetry
• Ken Jones' Corner: A Series on the "How to" of Haibun by a Haibun Master: #1   #2   #3   #4
• Ken Jones, "Guidelines for Our Would Be Contributors"
• Ken Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories
• Jim Kacian, Innovation in Haiku• Jim Kacian, A Haiku Primer
• Jim Kacian, Ken Jones & Bruce Ross: On How Editors Evaluate Haibun
* Jim Kacian, A Haiku Primer.
• Bob Lucky, The Haibun as Essay
• George Marsh, Haiku Lessons: Show Don't Tell
• Ray Rasmussen, Characteristics of English Language Haibun
• Ray Rasmussen, The Writer's Gaze: Sources of Inspiration
• Ray Rasmussen, A Response to Bob Lucky's "The Haibun as Essay".
• Bruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku
• Bruce Ross, Haibun: Narriatives of the Heart • Bruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku
• Haruo Shirane, Beyond the Haiku Moment: Basho, Buson and Modern Haiku Myths
• Charles D. Tarlton, Notes for a Theory of Tanka Prose (from Atlas Poetica)
• Michael Dylan Welch, Missing the Moon: Haikuless Haibun
• Michael Dylan Welch, Haibun: Aims and Problems
• Joan Zimmerman, What Haibun Poets Can Learn From Non-haikai Western Poetry Practices.
• Joan Zimmerman, What English-Language Haibun Poets Can Learn From Japanese Practices.
• Dimitar Anakiev, Faleminderit (thanks to) a Boxer Champion (An example of haibun as polemic or advocacy)
• Dimitar Anakiev, John Brown, We Swear to You (A second example of haibun as polemic or advocacy)


• Ken Jones, An Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
• Jim Kacian, An Interview with Patricia Prime
• Bruce Ross, On Haibun, interviewed by Jeffrey Woodward
• Jeffrey Woodward, Terra Incognita: The World of Haibun and Tanka Prose, interviewed by Ray Rasmussen