A Quarterly Journal of Contemporary English Language Haibun
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About this Journal

Contemporary Haibun Online is a quarterly journal published at the end of March, June, September and December of each year. It is associated with the print journal, contemporary haibun, an annual anthology from Red Moon Press and was founded in 2005 by Jim Kacian and Ray Rasmussen. The CHO archives contain the archives of both CHO and its predecessor, American Haibun and Haiga.


  1. to publish high-quality writing by practitioners of modern English-language haibun
  2. to encourage the practice of haibun composition by providing a respected publication venue with well-known practitioners as editors
  3. to provide reference materials, examples, and lessons in haibun and haiku composition
  4. to create an archive of articles and interviews of practitioners on the subject of haibun

Editorial Staff: Staff biographies are found on the Editorial Staff page.

Editor-in-Chief: Bob Lucky

Content Editors: Marjorie Buettner and Lynne Rees

Copy Editor: Garry Eaton

Managing and Technical Editor: Ray Rasmussen

How Things Work at CHO:

Bob, Marjorie and Lynne review submissions to cho independently and then confer as to whether to accept a submission. The criteria they use in evaluating haibun are found on the submission guidelines page.

Garry Eaton reviews each acceptance, corrests typographical and grammar errors and sometimes suggests syntax changes.

Ray Rasmussen formats the issue and puts it online.

What to Do about Problems:

Submissions and requests for information about the status of a submission should be addressed to Bob Lucky.

Technical or typographical problems should be reported to Ray Rasmussen.