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October 2013, vol 9, no 3

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Dan Hardsion

The Old House

It is an old house that has not been lived in for quite some time and now sits unattended. The large empty rooms are dusty, with dirty windows that reach the floor. In what would have been the dining room, there is a rusty button mounted in the floor once used to summon staff from the kitchen. The kitchen, devoid of modern appliances, sits in shambles. Behind the house is a swimming pool with water that is now black.

dreaming of days past
a tired building sits and waits . . .
spirit languishing

I was young when we visited this house with my parents and grandparents. My memories of it are clear, yet I am the only one who remembers it. Could this place just be a childhood dream that has remained vivid all these years? Or could this be a place, which to a young boy, was too fascinating to forget.

in the still of night
drifting on the edge of sleep
faint rememberings