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October 2013, vol 9, no 3

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Matthew Caretti

Six Doors

Why do you renounce?

I never learned to love one woman, so I want to learn to love all beings.

What is your intention?

To achieve ultimate awakening; to benefit all beings.

The Dharma Hall still save a daughter's prancing feet.

downcast eyes
the golden Buddha reflects
on polished tiles

Today we celebrate the rain.

ears singing
the tin roof thrum
bucket plop

Seven weeks gone—a ritual.

incense scents
dissolve into silence
one son's grief

An old man sings opera in this Queens park.

mouth full
of unknown words
kimchi soup

In the July heat, the wind is exquisite.

remind mind
of flesh

I wonder the day of the week.

just a dream
that young boy
long gone