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October 2013, vol 9, no 3

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Mary Ahearn


Obsession - a perfume of cedar,bergamot,sandalwood, rose and vetiver, musky and heady, better worn with the night's shadows in moonlight when a bit of madness is approved, sanctified.

"Obsession, you've become my obsession..." he cries. Then, just then, she knows he'll soon leave her. The white heat will burn down to ash, turning into a funeral incense, musky and heady, drifting away high over the alter.

"tell your fortune, dear?"
turning over the cards
a gleam in the reader's eye

She's a young girl, but already she knows the weight of words, words arcane, words of everyday. She feels their shades, depths, twists, and turns - and their lies.

one red leaf
in all the green
a lover's disguise

Obsession - an unreasonable craving; addiction; in love,an ecstasy - out of stasis, out of mind, a lie.