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July 2013, vol 9, no 2

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Anusha Tennakoon

A Letter to Santa

A little girl scribbles something on a paper. "How long will it take a letter to reach North Pole" she asks.

"I hope this letter will reach there before the Christmas Eve. See daddy, this letter is to Santa" she goes on. No wonder why she is called a chatter box at school.

"Dear Santa," she starts to read her letter. "Every Christmas we all get presents from you; myself, my sister and even mommy. But you never bring anything for daddy. It is not fair and I feel so sad. Please Santa, this time bring something for daddy too".

"So daddy, this Christmas definitely you will also get something from Santa" she smiles as if the letter has already reached North Pole.

"Yes definitely" says Santa with a tear brimming in his eyes.

winter twilight
through the mist
a twinkling star