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July 2013, vol 9, no 2

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Matthew Caretti


The Master teaches Mickey Mouse Zen. Of the frames, which one the true Mickey? He teaches Judo Zen, too. Using the momentum of innate curiosity, his koans trap the apprentice: What is your original face?

There below the surf lies the tomb of MuMun, dragon king protector in this land of shamans. Their rituals ring and rattle by the seaside. A woman screams in ecstasy, flailing by an altar of flashing lights. More gongs, more shouts. He smiles: She is exorcised of her self.

Invitation for a year's retreat made through the disciple, himself a wise teacher. Ahead the Master walks elusive under his conical hat, passing his staff to younger hands. Before climbing the last step to a meager refuge, he probes the horizon: Sea does not exist without sky.

his white beard
frown lines hidden
by a smile