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April 2013, vol 9, no 1

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Steve Mason

Excerpts From The Synopsis Of A Film

The radio alarm goes off. Several minutes pass before he wakes up, slowly becoming aware of the programme. "And now the news read by Corrie Corfield . . ."

well into the new year
trees still lit up
with stars

Time to get out of bed, go to the window, draw the curtains. It's wet outside & the glass has misted up. The condensation invites finger writing.

glaciers stopped here
miles along this great river
is the sea

Coming downstairs from the bedroom, he catches his reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. Now, the back to front design on his t-shirt is revealed right way round.

patterns on the page
everywhere I look
patterns on the page

At the front door, there's the usual junk mail in the letterbox. Along with adverts for pizza, estate agents & mini cabs is an envelope addressed "To The Occupier."

street after street
of little houses
rain drumming on my hat