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July 1, 2012, vol 8, no 2

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Genie Nakano

Waiting Room

Perched on one foot she stand upon a pink lotus. The lotus floats on rippling waters of gold, silver and mythical blue. As she floats, she plays a lute behind her back – Jimmy Hendrix style. The string of pearls around her long black hair and her silk robe flow in harmony with the melody she plays.

This delicate scroll hanging on the wall of my acupuncture clinic offers a moment of reprieve. The room is small and quiet, located at the end of a long hall way. As I patiently wait for the doctor, my knees, my fingers, and hips are aching. What happened?

Time escaped so violently. Once I danced the crane, balancing on one foot while a bamboo flute blew and a shamisen strummed.

I hear wind chimes . . . "tomorrow, rain next day sun and perhaps another raging storm. There are many stories to sing."

in the sky
stars shine day and night
mind sees the wind