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July 1, 2012, vol 8, no 2

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Ryan Jessup

At the Soup Kitchen

one by one people line up off the streets like lost sheep waiting to be fed servers work together as one wearing their hearts graciously on their sleeves to prepare the meals and beverages for these less fortunate than themselves each with a story each with a soul at one table an old man appears to thank God simply by the way he closes his eyes while chewing his food at another table a young man helps each of his little children to eat their own bread and soup everyday it is like this everyday people need help everyday people help those in need here at the soup kitchen a place that unfolds like a choir of unknowns coming together from all roads of life to sing in humble accord there is more pain in the world than you can ever believe help whoever you can to serve is to receive

first light
the soft smile
of a hungry child