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July 1, 2012, vol 8, no 2

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Michael Greene


Checking-out line, the very attractive twenty-something records the prices and then, untypically, she turns over each item to read the titles.

"Are you interested in writing............and poetry?" she asks. My wife points at me in my sixties and answers, "He is."

This young woman is first except family to learn that I attempt to write things to be read by complete strangers. What do I say?

She says, "I've begun to write for a living." Suddenly my late plunge into a hobby seems not so bold; however, here I am exchanging with this confident brunette addresses of websites to which we have each made submissions.

"Oh," I wonder in silence, "what if I'd met the fair muse and tried that line when I was twenty-something."

Out loud I wander no further than ambiguity.

Cherry blossoms
allure unaware