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April 1, 2012 vol 8 no 1

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Glenn G. Coats

Final Evaluation

"It was an ambush. The principal was waiting for that moment. First day back after winter break. Your ears still ringing from noisemakers and there he was first period in your spelling class. Sure, you could have, perhaps should have been prepared. You bombed the lesson and he handed you a lousy observation."

"Three bad observations and I'd say the writing is on the wall. He wants you out. You don't quite fit the bill. The principal likes teachers with a certain look, neat and tidy, a confidence about them like a halo. That's not you. You are more like the students – uncertain."

"Here's the plan. You put on a nice suit. Yes, the gray one will work with a plain tie. Then you march into the big man's office. Bold as brass. You say,'Sir, you haven't seen me at my best. Could you observe me another time?' Nobody does that. It will throw him off his game. A confidence reversal. The element of surprise. What are you waiting for?"

cold garage
the last spark plug
won't budge