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Contents Page: July 1, 2011, vol 7 no 2

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Glenn G. Coats


The House on Lawrence Street

She can't stand still, climbs up on everything in the house. Reaches up on the stove for the coffee pot. Climbs up the bookshelves to get at fish in the aquarium. Busts right through the screen door and runs into the backyards. My wife is thin from running around clotheslines and sandboxes—trying to catch her.

The doctor says there are several cases of polio around Rahway. Says he is certain that Kathy has it too and that is why her legs won't work. My wife is at the hospital now and she is not coming back without her. The boy and I are home now. He fell asleep on the drive; doesn't understand what is wrong with his sister.

Sky is all stars tonight. I turned off all the house lights just to watch them from the steps. No point in trying to sleep. I want to believe God is up there. Can't be polio. Kathy just climbed up on the back of the sofa and tried to fly like a bird or jump like Tarzan. Does it all the time. Just came down harder than usual when her wings didn't work.

a prayer
to finish the prayer
summer night

eternal stars
the din of voices
under water


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