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Contents Page: April 1, 2011, vol 7 no 1

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Bruce Ross


The Clarity of It All

65th birthday
the curtains in and out
with ocean wind

My birthday wish comes through and we snorkel all afternoon on the reefs off the island of Grenada, diving down to touch the heads of modernist human-shaped sculptures grounded to the ocean floor, gradually weathering in the sea. Later in the day, as arranged, a formal-looking elderly couple drive us to our mountaintop lodging. It has become night and in utter darkness they stop by some woods. The wife calls into the woods. From the sound of movement she says: "He's coming." A young man in a parochial white shirt, tie, and jacket comes up to the car. With utter respect and purity of love, he says: "Hello Auntie. Hello Uncle." And as he gets in, "Thank you." We ride through the night to Gospel music.

tropical night
a perfectly formed Orion
same as at home


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