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Contents Page: December 31, 2010, vol 6 no 4

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Stanley Pelter

golden emperor

        light  push of warm wind
inside drug fed up gardens
a butterfly fest

golden emperor is unwisely exposed in a sabotaged, weed-lacquered place of near invisible excess; wild swings, low curves, three dimensional ellipses, erratic circles. seems more like over-dosing on glutinous pollen than identity movements associated with a short lived delicacy.

with effects akin to mescalin-enhanced evenings it takes longer to hint at landing. at last, about to leave behind summer composed colour music patterns, with a sweeping dip it settles onto an end-game apple. starlings, sparrows, robins, a female thrush, blackbirds, ravens have replenished food stores. recycling, they alter sounds, shapes, sensibility of reformed fruit. for a golden emperor irregular remains of a pockmarked, punctured skin is what it wants. on one side an earwig passes, aerials spreading air as grass snakes coil inside comfort zones.

it seems to watch with fairy lightness. multi-coloured wings flap quicklyopen-quicklyshut. barely a swallow for a field mouse bloats this golden emperor. just there before gone. again in flight. more caught in wind channels, pianissimo movements, irregular circles, air current ascents than before. clocks stop.

blown meadow flower
wind spread of wise wings unfold
          into rhapsody



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