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Contents Page: December 31, 2010, vol 6 no 4

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Stanley Pelter

big C

artist sadness
poised before a white canvas
a throat rattle

until recently painted every day. talented beyond skill she paints with an ease that belies what goes on when faced with a daunting canvas. thin paint leads. overcomes power of white. knows some white left will be part of a vibrant visual intent.  acrylic paint is then applied with paint tube consistency. harmonious colours blend with complementary ones. always includes a potent discord. subterranean effect can be startling. lucian freud is one of two artists she admits have influenced her.

through daylight shadow
leaf greens make a paint splash
stygian colours

49, with a frizzy hair beauty, she has 4 children, 1 partner. bald, she is ½ way through chemotherapy treatment. studio sessions have slowed. today is a painting day. eyes penetrate. mouth grips a loaded brush. she is ready. “do you know” she tells me, as i pose, “not a day has passed i do not think about cancer. i’m not superstitious, but it’s like, like…” her voice thins to a tear. “it seems to have made it happen. silly, isn’t it”.

model pain
strikes a pre-Raphaelite head
passion play climax

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