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Contents Page: December 31, 2010, vol 6 no 4

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Dennis Magliozzi

At the Edge of the Woods

at the edge
of the quiet woods –
look into the woods

Beneath the scattered midnight stars, I wonder. At this moment I am sitting at camp, at the foot of the Grand Tetons with my feet on the rim of a fire pit full of glowing embers. Shannon has retired to the tent already. The silence of the night has settled in upon me. The air is warm and still.

What lies beyond the fire pit, within the darkness, I cannot tell. There is only the vast array of stars above me; I see them through the shadows of the tree limbs overhead. Each star, like me, is marked by fire and isolated in a sea of darkness. 

 I pick out the summer constellations: Ursa Major, Sagittarius.

out past
the edge of the woods –
only more woods


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