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Contents Page: October, 2010, vol 6 no 3

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Matthew Caretti


In the corner, winter’s chill remains.  Outside blooms tell of a new season.  All else this weekend reminds of the past, beckons the future.  There are cyclists from Africa and a veteran player who has seen better days.  There is new love, and a bumper sticker reminder of one past.

    pink blossoms
    past exorcist steps—
    henley park

The beggar at the corner of 7th and H speaks into his megaphone from both sides of his mouth.  “The way is through Jesus who died for your sins.”  Then, “Put some money Into the cup.”  Instead of coins or bills, the crowd offers an averted eye.

    washing down
    noodles with tsingtao—

Georgetown’s crowds are more sophisticated. Mostly.  There are, of course, the students on break looking for fun in mischief.  By the river, however, old friends embrace, untried lovers join hands.  And unknown worlds collide.

    white ticket—
    the parking meter
    flashes naught

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