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December 2009, vol 5 no 4

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Ed Baker



about a year ago I donted and signed up for her body/brain to go to medical science so at 9:20 am they caloled me about the death so I called LifeQuest so they could take care of things (get the body, take it to science, et.
vso then a call it's the Rabbi haven't heard from him for 6 months as he is 70 and went to Manila to buy a young bride...

so he comes over to cook breakfast and the phon rings

it s LifeQuest... "your mother is disqualigied." "she only weighs 85 lbs"

so I het the ciling! "What do I do now? she's dead in her room. You knew she was 85 lbs last year!" "She's disqualified" etc

the Rabbi is standing there listening whe I shout



the rabbi calls a mortuary guy his friend who it turns out just married the cute funeral director who burried my dat 8 years ago

and in a half hour her body is picked up and take over to

Thibedeau Mortuary for cremation... NOW

"I know Thibedeaus from D.C. "A doctor who we used to use in the 50's and 60's my parents friend and GP doctor"


this Thibedeau who owns the mortuary IS Dr Thibedeau's (who just turned 90) son!

so all is cool and they all are getting the services "wholesale" or no charge!

full moon
in a paper box

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