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September 2009, vol 5 no 3

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Diana Webb


Biography 2

'Passionate about Property'. An estate agent fills one space in a string of one storey retail units that project towards the main Ewell Kingston bus route from the nineteenth century homes behind.

ash keys hang
above plots dug in concrete –
on tiptoe

Behind an upstairs pane with the slats of the blind half closed, strip lighting streaks the ceiling.

(...'from a window in the evening...a birch tree at some distance...How shall I shut out the sun?')

A girl bends at a filing cabinet. On the wall between the upper floors and the low flat roofs of the block of neighbouring takeaways there is a small round plaque with letters white as the clouds that drift in the high background of blue.

'Richard Jefferies, author and naturalist lived here 1877-1882'

rise from the cracks –

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