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September 2009, vol 5 no 3

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Ludmila Balabanova


Little White Bunny

Yesterday we found my sonís and his friendís white bunny dead.

I remember them bringing him six years ago. They had bought him together and asked me to let him live with us. ďIíll become more responsible", my son tried to convince me. And I suddenly remembered how I used to put him to sleep, when he was little, with the song about a little white bunny. My son didnít go to sleep with songs any more and that bunny hadnít been with us for a long time. ĒLetís simply call him Little White Bunny," I suggested.

In the next weeks, months and years my sonís friend would spend the whole day at home. They had fun with Little White Bunny. Laughter and loud music came from their room. Why do teenagers always play the music so loud?

Now both of them study at different universities and see each other rarely. Little White Bunny got old and was sometimes sick. Then they would drop everything and take him to the vet. After that they would come back home, take him to their room and silently caress him. Before they part they would promise each other to meet again – to go to the mountain as before or play football. But they were very busy.

Today they set off thoughtfully for the mountain to leave Little White Bunny there forever.

clock tower
here the wind
never stops

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