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June 2009, vol 5 no 2

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Stephen Leslie


Her Voice

Lacking social grace, she constantly interrupts my conversations with firm but clear directions. When I fail to make a critical turn in time, there are no judgements, no recriminations. She studies the maps and quickly computes a new route. She only speaks when necessary. Her voice, while feminine, is neither sexy nor nagging. During the long straight drives on the Interstate, she is content to be quiet. Speaking only when necessary. At the end of a long trip she guides me through the thick fog and haze, using her abilities to connect with an unseen higher power to guide us back home.

Sometimes I wish she was more cordial, but our relationship is all business. When it is time for us to part she is silent ... but I know I will hear her voice again.

Swirling dense fog
Her reassuring voice

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