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March 2009, vol 5 no 1

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Jim Kacian

. . . Fluidity

  of days not their sameness but the way they slide one into the next without ritual
    or belief there should be much to mark them about to cross the equator reverse
      my spin but they do not hang on anything like a peg and are distinguished so by
        incident but not inherent structure . . . out the window the village of Supang a
          bar with sitting men the poets of this culture? instantly recognizable an Indian
            restaurant, a bakery, a café, a photo developer travel agencies past this facade the
              village probably as it was before hotel and airport made this a stopover a cluster
                of shacks placed low amidst the mounded hills and clumps of date
                  palms well placed to use the abundant rain stopped now
                    if only for the moment . . .

taking off . . .
the slight resistance
of low clouds

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