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March 2009, vol 5 no 1

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John Dunphy

Hell Freezing Over

He ruined my daughter. I know you city folks laugh about such matters, but we don't joke about things like that here in the hill country. When some city boy uses my daughter for his own pleasure and then casts her aside when he's done with her, this hill daddy don't laugh. He gets even.

And getting even is easy when you're a witch-man like me.

I made me a poppit. If you ever see one, you lowlanders would say a poppit looks like those home-made dolls they sell at craft fairs. Well, dolls are for little girls' fun, and there ain't nothing fun about a poppit. A poppit is for hurting someone and hurting them real bad.

I said the spell-words over the poppit so that smooth city slicker would feel just what it felt. When the old-timers did something like this, they used the ice house. Well, we're citified now and got electricity just like you lowlanders. So I put the poppit in the freezer.

city street
a young man dies of hypothermia
in August

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