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December 2008, vol 4 no 4

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Jeffrey Winke


But a Few Soft Curls

The idea is to make it look natural for a young couple to be sitting in a field of yellowed wild grasses. They have pleasant, relaxed white-teeth smiles and are looking off camera. One wonders if they’re looking at another good-looking couple or a pony or two nuzzling a well-groomed mamma horse or maybe Ed McMahon is standing there with a consolation prize (not the oversized check for $10 million). He’s good looking with dark hair and a solid, manly chin. She’s pleasant-looking with wind-swept blonde hair that hangs mostly behind her head with but a few soft curls resting leisurely on her shoulder to nicely offset the rose-color silk noil sweater she’s wearing. Her manicured hand rests lightly on his shoulder. Study the photo close enough and you can tell she’s thinking, “Why are all the good-looking guys gay?” He’s thinking, “Does this anorexic bitch have to be hanging on me? I wish it were Richard. Why can’t I be a catalog model for Body Body Wear or Brazilian-cut swim trunks?”

designed to impress
bright new pillows added
to his worn couch

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