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December 2008, vol 4 no 4

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Diana Webb



Cascade of the chandelier down into a dark space of shadowy figures, suspended in the mirror at her back, the young woman at the 'Bar aux Folies Begere' 1882 stares out ever mournfully from her frame across the long room of the picture gallery (spectators come and go) towards a window overlooking the large square courtyard.

...from the same source poems and paintings spring, the transience and flow no camera can...capture in paint right now a moment in time fleeting, twice the same effect can't find...

Two roses in a glass, their ruffled petals ivory, magnolia, a bowl of oranges, six bottles yet uncorked from twists of foil.

To and fro spectators interrupt a view.

in and out
of sunlit fountains
small girls in pink

Note: Paragraph two was assembled from quotes attributed to Turner, Hockney, Cezanne and Monet, in that order.

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