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September 2008, vol 4 no 3

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Jeffrey Winke

Biblical Latin that Had Been Embedded

Most excellent! The 37-page, single-space, corner-stapled plan is in place and being carefully executed by precision-trained minions whose only role is to serve. And serve they will 'til the boss snaps in a flurry of disgust and lets fly a shower of lethal steel ninja stars that will graze temples, thighs and noses leaving them panting in fear and ghostly pale. Several will have soiled themselves while gripped with the sensation of demise. Others will babble incoherently in biblical Latin that had been embedded in them by their grade-school nuns who were in a secret order of radical theocratic reactionaries trained to expunge the Prince of Pandemonium, Mohu, Modo, Satan or any of the other 40-some circumlocutions IT is known by. Complete attention to every single-last detail will be achieved, because if the minions know anything . . . they know their place. The vision will be achieved. Flawlessly. Or else.

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