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September 2008, vol 4 no 3

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Ray Rasmussen

The Fear That Has No Name

I'm introduced in glowing terms at the University Women's Club. Looking out at their expectant faces I say, "I'll begin with a story that is sure to tickle your fanny."

There's a moment of silence, then a roar of laughter.

I try to recover by saying, "Thanks, I've never had such a good response to one of my stories and I haven't even started telling it."

Later that day, I email a co-editor of a journal about the contents of the next issue and type in "Janet, I've looked over your titles ..." A wave of fear sweeps over me and I quickly check the sent message to see whether I had typed in a second 't' instead of the 'l'.

spring sun
a cluster of bellybuttons*
in the garden

Note: bachelor button (bachelor's button, bachelor buttons) is the common name in Canada of the blue flower whose latin name Centaurea cyanus.

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