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June 2008, vol 4 no 2

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Diana Webb


Paint - Three in One View

He re-enters the scene, marbles space with the flux of cloud; spikes the band of ground anew with the seven tall trunks along the ridge, flicks of grass; daubs the high thrusts of foliage spreading beneath the storm. Bolder than the storm.

across a framed print
of Cezanne's mountain
a lightning flash

On the wall above the kitchen table, a clump of trees, the only green things now constant within her life's boundaries comprised by the four walls of her tiny urban flat. This morning, as every morning, over breakfast she returns to that place they stayed. The view. The little gift shop where he bought the picture.

same mottles
of leaf and sky –
a different face

The one of a group of lofty trees against a wild sky. Only 50P. A bit more arresting than the fluffy kitten portraits and frames of gilded flowers stacked up against it in the Oxfam box. Ideal for covering the damp patch above the bedroom basin in their newly set up B&B.

snores at dawn –
waves of anger buffet
painted boughs

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