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June 2008, vol 4 no 2

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Pricilla Van Valkenburgh


Red Rock Coner

The bright red boulder at the intersection sported large white letters spelling out "RED ROCK CONER", a joke either by or for the local Mainers. The sign over the nearby small wooden shack and vegetable stand read, "Real Good Food and Organic Produce." Inside, the menu board promised really delicious sounding homemade breads and fresh vegetable combinations, so I placed my order and went out to wait at one of the little picnic tables hidden from the road by a forest of sunflowers. Soon, a young woman in a long skirt stepped outside and announced that she was looking for the older woman who had just placed an order. Trying to be helpful, I looked for her too.

at the malt shop
a hamburger and a shake
jukebox jive

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