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June 2008, vol 4 no 2

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Ray Rasmussen



There are no other choices in the crowded theatre, so I slide into a seat beside a group of girls. The one next to me is eating her popcorn with gusto, her arm motions that of a symphony conductor orchestrating the endless ads that precede the movie.

She and her friends are laughing at an ad that shows pop tarts and pizzas chasing a teen. I'm thinking that it's a clever pitch for a last minute run to the snack counter. But the tone changes—the fast food characters seem more like mass murderers than friendly snacks.

Then the punch line, "Teens are bombarded with seventeen ads a day for fast food." I sneak a look at the girl for signs of obesity and note that her arm motion has continued unabated.

"trick or treat!"
a lollypop
for the fairy princess


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