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September 2007, vol 3 no 3

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Jeffrey Winke


All Deadlines Come Rushing Forth

There is a tension and sense of urgency that comes with the late afternoon. It permeates the air and is evident in the nervous actions of those out and about. The light shifts at around 4pm. Colors change ever so slightly. In the late afternoon, it's as though all deadlines come rushing forth, followed by that empty sense of having missed out. It could be caused by the nearing of the end of day - actually, the end of daylight. Maybe it causes a quick review of what has been accomplished. Did I get everything done? What didn't I complete? Even if the To Do list for the day was: "Do nothing - relax, regroup and recharge." There is still a sense of failure and self-doubt - "did I truly relax as much as I should have?"

cool cement step
sparrows scatter breadcrumbs
as I step up