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March 2007, vol 3 no 1

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Robert William Castagna


Our last evening in Kyoto was spent at Café Bon Appetite. It was to be an early evening of saying good bye. But Kaori mentioned that Mr. Tomonori would soon be by. Upon his arrival the conversation soon flowed and a bottle of the just released Beaujolais Nouveau was opened. Kaori joined us in the drink and the night went long, or at least longer than planned. The café was like that. Innocent beginnings turned into new friends and long nights. The café has a magical quality about it, putting people in good spirits and willing to make new friends. Its location does that. In the heart of old Gion, along the Shirakawa, the boulevard sings no matter what season. I dream of a winter's night and snow while sipping a glass of red wine. It's festive in Kyoto with everyone celebrating the season, no matter what time of year it is. But the café, with its festooned holiday lights along the narrow outside deck, frame the season and put you in a mood. One can easily see life outside the café window and be happy to reflect on it.

at dusk
the autumn wind
behind closed windows