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March 2007, vol 3 no 1

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Kala Ramesh

A Widow by the Window

the moonless night
the sea darkens

The water has been leaking in the bathroom tap since last night. Plop - plop - plop. Such an inconspicuous noise but why is it grating on my nerves? Have you heard of the 'butterfly effect'? One slight movement of its wings can cause an avalanche to occur far away–they say. Already, so over-burdened is my mind that this leaking tap might precipitate a nervous breakdown?

Ha! And frankly speaking–that is the last thing I want. For the last two years I have been living alone. A maidservant comes in the mornings to do the top work and I have a dubba wallah–who brings me my lunch and dinner. My son and daughter visit me sometimes–sometimes they even stay over.

on autumn trees . . .
parakeets have so much
to talk about!

The verandah overlooks a busy crowded street and therein lies my occupation and my pre-occupation, so to say! My recreation, regeneration, restoration, rejuvenation, oh! my everything. I watch the busy lane with her people; know most of them by sight maybe not by name or address . . .

palm leaves
rustle a soft lullaby . . .
cradle moon