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December 2006, vol 2 no 4

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Adelaide Shaw

Selling a House

More prospective buyers. Another 20 minutes of stepping back and observing their reaction. The most disconcerting aspect about this house selling is the way these lookers look.

First, there are the initial "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" at the house's apparent charms. Then the lookers don their critical specs. Lists are made. Changes. Renovations. Pointing out problems we have lived with or ignored. Our stewardship of the house appears negligent. I feel embarrassed and apologetic. And defensive. Our life style is in question. Our tastes. Our priorities. A trip to Greece instead of modernizing the kitchen. A preference for walking in the country rather than repairing a stuck window.

For 30 years we have lived here; 30 years of upkeep, making some changes and leaving some things as they are. Thirty years of choices.

open front door–
the sun lights up old scratches
on the polished floor