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June 2006, vol 2 no 2

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Patrick Frank

At the End

I remember an invisible train before dawn

Its sound came from beyond dark shapes. Long after the train, I remember the sky gradually changing to white

Last night I dreamed that I was playing tennis with kids at school. I chased a wayward ball to the edge of a cliff. There was no way to rescue it from disappearing over the edge

There were other balls rolling away. Suddenly, I was attacked by a wild creature from behind. It had razor sharp teeth and fangs. I felt its death-grip, and suddenly felt totally alone. Now, I hear the sound of crickets and birds . . . It is the first day of spring. I see logs that have been cut down in the woods. Linda is still asleep

At school, I play basketball with a boy whose father died from alcohol and drugs a few days ago. It happened so fast, just like with me and my dad, that they did not have a chance to say goodbye. I take some time to listen to him. Then we play "21"

He beats me good. We play two games. Then the bell rings. While we walk back to his portable

I hand him the ball it spins on his hand