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June 2006, vol 2 no 2

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Lynn Edge


In the foyer I fidget while waiting for the special Thanksgiving buffet. My husband and I now live apart, but still share holidays. Will my grown son and daughter miss a traditional holiday in the house where they grew up?

The scent of cinnamon blends with flocked pine. From a metal pot my son ladles hot apple cider, hands me the cup. Before I take a sip, the hostess calls, "Edge party," ushers us to an alcove with bay windows. The waitress offers mimosas. My six-year-old grandson drinks straight juice.

My daughter hands me a dish for an array of salads, vegetables and entrees, which includes leg of lamb. We return to our table with overfilled plates. My son knows lamb, rarely served in Texas, is a special treat for me. "Mom, did you get a slice of lamb?" "Yes, I did."

late November
young geese gathering
for their flight south