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Bob Lucky, General Editor & Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor
January 2020 Vol. 15 No. 4

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Steve Folkers

Tyler Bend

Pushing seventy, we still hike the wooded Ozark hills, today over Tyler Bend.

blackened corpse
of bagworm half out
of his bag

For being a member of the Peace Society, Peter Tyler was forcibly enlisted in the Confederate Army, and died at Bowling Green.

frost flower
on an unknown weed
ferns and moss

Up the dark hollow, to the bluff over the confluence of Calf Creek and the Buffalo River, the distant mountains all the same height.

far ahead
of us on the trail
great horned owl?

Taking turns following each other, the path often barely discernible under fresh oakleaf litter, snow still in a few shadows.

deep in the forest
who lives under
these tree roots?

Sitting on a log eating cheese and crackers, before the long descent to the old rock wall.

at trail's end
a blazing

Editor's Note: One of the nice things about historical/travel haibun is they lead to inferesting places and information. After reading Steve Folker's haibun, I asked a friend, Steve Henry, who has written midwest hiking books whether he knew the area. He's hiked there and after he read Steve Folker's haibun, Steve H. did some research on Peter Tyler. If you're interested in a bit of Civil War history and a poignant letter written by Tyler from his work camp go here -> Peter Tyler History. My next piece of research will be on "blazing farkleberry." Hope you didn't burn your mouth, Steve. Steve Henry's hiking/biking books can be found on Amazon and here.

Thanks to both Steves
~ Ray Rasmussen