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October 2019 Vol. 15 No. 3

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Kyle Hemmings


The doctors said it was due to a mutated gene and never explained anything more. He was constantly thirsty and when the soulful-eyed women gave him water, he leaked at the sides. One woman, who survived two abusive husbands and cancer, came up with a solution. She plugged his holes with a custom-made non-toxic stopper. It worked for a while and he had dreams of being lighter than water. He would float lightheaded through a world of forbidden zones, over broken trails of sunken footprints. One night after sex and bubbles, he popped in every direction. The woman gathered his pieces from the walls, fitted them together on the bed. He was now as flat as a cartoon character. After folding him in thirds, she placed him in the freezer. After all, she thought, there was still hope.

time travel
we carry bits of others
wherever we go