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October 2019 Vol. 15 No. 3

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Joseph Salvatore Aversano

The Night Club and the Wind

The local gendarmes receive nightly complaints about the noise from the club, but never about the noise from the wind. The incessant house beats can be heard from as far as a few kilometers away and as late as four in the morning. But the gusts, at times, will not die down until long after. And this is perhaps the very reason the club's owners have their sound system reach the upper decibel levels. For the wind, which at times whips through the narrow opening of the bay and pummels the surrounding hills, is much too much to bear. It is simply too desolate, they say, to withstand without mind-altering substances. And too melancholic to hear without the ears ringing on end. And then again, no one ever calls in to complain about the wind. Many would even sleep to it.

tacet the music of the spheres