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July 2019 Vol. 15 No. 2

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Terri French

Web or Water

After answering thirty-three rather mundane and repetitive questions on the online personality quiz I’m told my spirit animal is a spider. hmmm…I’d always fancied myself a turtle – a lover of water and sunshine, willing to stick my neck out, but at times preferring to pull myself into seclusion. But, a spider? Ok, I am particular with my home and enjoy taking my time with food preparation. And I suppose it does explain why I’ve never been able to kill one. Except for that black widow that decided to make her abode in the corner of my back room. She, I sprayed with pesticide, but I did offer my most sincere apology and spent the rest of the day brooding inside of my shell.

Charlotte’s Web
if only she could
weave a haiku