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April 2019 Vol. 15 No. 1

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Dian Duchin Reed

A Stitch in Time

The sign at the beach says they’re “winterizing,” which I assume refers to the dozers moving sand around, getting ready for the rainy season and its storms. The last time this beach flooded, the road filled with sand and sea water, inundating the RV area and the picnic tables, obliterating the walking path.

Through binoculars, I watch a dozen surf scoters, sea ducks that have positioned themselves near the break. When a wave starts to thunder, they dive sleekly into the water, usually popping back up with a seafood appetizer. Surf scoters fly here to escape the harsh weather on their tundra breeding grounds . . . another form of winterizing, anticipating the worst and doing something to prevent it.

the last two
great auks, stuffed
relentless rain