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April 2019 Vol. 15 No. 1

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Terri French


My husband held his phone screen out toward me. “Did you mean to send me this?” “Sh@#! Sh@#! Sh@#!” I say. I’d just told him about his surprise retirement party. The text was supposed to go to a friend. Not the first time I’ve sent a text to the wrong person. There was the time I copied and pasted some angry tirade my sister sent to me back to my sister instead of to my best friend. That did not result in the sympathetic response I desired. And the time I thought I was complaining to a co-worker about the boss, but instead sent it to. . .well, you know who and can imagine how that went. I didn’t get a raise any time soon. Damn my thumbs!

no smooth ride
back-pedaling through
a sh@# storm