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January 2019, vol 14 no 4

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Lew Watts

What ex-wives tell their sons

“Seriously, how would you feel if your mother or I met someone else?” This is the question I posed yesterday, to which my younger son replied, “Well you wouldn’t, would you?” But I have to try again – I have one day left. This time the older son replies.

“Well, have you?” (I nod.) “So, who is it?”

My teenage sons are fiercely protective of their mother, and are still recovering from the divorce. I have to tread carefully.

“Been together for a while now … I may not be around for Christmas … We may go away, probably tomorrow … Very kind, really nice … Lovely person, really … Anyway, she – “

Their eyes widen. “Oh, it’s a woman then?”

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my ex-wife’s