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January 2019, vol 14 no 4

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J Hahn Doleman

Sheep’s Clothing

... be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.
                                              ~ Matthew 10:16

The dormitory hall is not that far from the pub, so despite the storm we stumble back together after three too many beers, fumbling first with keys, handles, and switches, then with zippers, clasps, and buttons. By morning the rain has stopped, but the smell of moldy walls and wet wool reminds us where we are, how we got there. Hollow invitations to coffee or breakfast are murmured, conveniently declined. An early religion studies class is a good enough excuse to part ways. Islam teaches that prophets sleep on their backs, on the left side is the sleep of kings, and the belly is for devils. For fools and lovers it makes no suggestion.

restless night
the bedroom spinning
another yarn