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January 2019, vol 14 no 4

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Tony Burfield

Mind Maps

The trails of Pinewood Springs, Little Elk Park. Our mind trails. Our footpaths: Out beyond Dark Mountain, between Meadow Peak with its flowers and the Slab, up Henry Trail, across Flag Trail, around Fairyland Loop for a look at the high ranges, down Hoof-Blaze where the bones are scattered, we are just beginning. Tripping down Can-O-Worms Trail with its waterfall, down to Canyon Beach, and then right out back, Narnia Path, up to Big Paw Bench, under Fox Piss Point and Post Card, up then to the Lichen Colony and Big Pine Grove, then on up to the Dome with a bit of a scramble and Crow Feather Point. From there over above the old quarry and up to Hoarfrost Wedding where we kiss and then down to the Wind Cliffs to watch the vultures turn. Then to the Frog Ponds to wait for quiet croaks and then back across to the Bodhi Tree. Sister Rain Cave for a rest and breath. To get back to the house, Crosser Gulch straight down or Loop-Tree-Loop for the long way around, then home with beers.

head full of names
pasque pops