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January 2019, vol 14 no 4

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Call for Submissions

The Red River Book of Haibun 2019:
Edited by Paresh Tiwari (India) and Steve Hodge (USA)


SEND SUBMISSIONS TO redriver.haibun@gmail.com

Those of us who write poetry believe we see the world differently. And yet all we ever try to achieve is the universality of human condition and emotion. Haibun at the very basic level might be seen as blocks of prose interspersed with haiku. And that’s how simplistic it could be. Only it isn’t. A good haibun is the act of juggling prose and poetry. It plays with a delicate balance where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or at least it should be. The haiku, when used right, links, shifts and leaps beyond the scope of the prose to enrich the reading experience.

We are excited to share the news that the eclectic publishing house from India, Red River, has commissioned an annual Red River Book of Haibun. With haibun’s relatively fluid nature in mind, the Anthology seeks to present writers of every "persuasion" and "school."

This is a No Fee/ No Pay initiative that aims to create more exposure for haibun to world poetry readers. The contributors will however, receive one copy of the book as honorarium.

Submission Guidelines:

• Please ensure that your text is in the Times New Roman font, size 12

• Send us not more than 3 (three) haibun of no more than 40 lines each

• Do not copy-paste the compositions in the body of the email. Send us your work in a .doc/ .docx format (no .pdfs please)

• We are open to accepting previously published works, as long as you can grant us the right to publish it, should the piece be selected. For all previously published works, do send us the details of previous publication.

• Please include the following details along with your submission:
- Your Name
- Your Current Location (and where you come from, in case the two are not the same)

• Email your submissions and queries to redriver.haibun@gmail.com by February 28, 2019.

• The submission line should read as follows: SUBMISSION – - .

• The response to the submission will be sent out by the editors within four to eight weeks after the deadline.