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October 2018, vol 14 no 3

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Bob Lucky

Minutes of the First and Last Meeting of the Haiku Club of Bahrain

The British Club, Manama, Bahrain. President Salman Mahmood Hamad Al Mubarak called the meeting to order. Dress code was the topic for discussion. Should all women, Western and Muslim, wear hijab, shaila, or other head coverings to meetings? Agnes Moore pointed out the women were going to look “bloody ridiculous” in bikinis and headscarves at poolside meetings. Tala Al Yafi agreed. Richard Smith complained of the difficulty of writing haiku in Bahrain, noting in particular a clear lack of seasons. “I can never see my breath here, not even in January.” Nabeel Al Soofi added, “There is too much sand, too much fast cars.” Agnes noted that one has to drive all the way to Hamala just to see a “bloody camel.” Richard wanted to discuss ‘camel’ as a possible kigo, but everyone took Tala up on her offer to buy the first round at the pub, even Agnes, who made it clear she was only going to drink “bloody tea” and would leave if anyone started talking about the war in Iraq.

dusty sunset –
kids in the deep end
play Marco Polo